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Miami University 2020 Plan

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For resources to assist programs, departments, and divisions in developing their plans and responding to the metrics, visit the Office of Institutional Research.

Cover of the 2020 Plan reportNeed a print-friendly version? Download the latest copy of the plan's goals, objectives, and metrics.

The landscape of higher education is shifting dramatically in terms of student demographics, technology, public accountability, degree valuation, global competition, and the rising costs of tuition and student debt. As a result, Miami University is developing a new bold and innovative plan to achieve its vision to offer "the best undergraduate experience in the nation, enhanced by superior, select graduate programs."

The unifying goal of the Miami 2020 Plan is to "promote a vibrant learning and discovery environment that produces extraordinary student and scholarly outcomes." This ambitious goal is supported by the following three foundational goals:

  • Ensure vitality and sustainability by building a forward-looking, efficient, and caring culture that stimulates, recognizes, and rewards creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and exemplary performance.
  • Promote a diverse culture of inclusion, integrity, and collaboration that deepens understanding and embraces intercultural and global experiences.
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and applied and service-oriented projects that strengthen our local, state, national and world communities.

University-level objectives and metrics have been established to ensure that we are achieving these goals, and annual reports on our progress will be created and shared annually with the Board of Trustees for the next five years.

Led by Dean Phyllis Callahan and former University Senate Executive Committee Chair Jim Kiper, each unit of the University is currently developing finer-grained metrics that are appropriate to the unit as well as action plans for contributing to the University objectives.

For more information about the plan's genesis, see President David C. Hodge's 2012 Annual Address.