Roudebush Hall
Roudebush Hall, home of Miami's administrative offices

2020 Plan Timeline

Date Academic Divisions, Departments, and Programs

Administrative and Support Units

August 21 Presentation of Miami 2020 metrics and discussion with academic administrators is held. ---
August 26 Follow-up discussion on academic administrators' feedback is held with President’s Executive Council (PEC). ---
September 3 --- President, Vice Presidents, and other PEC members submit to Provost templates that will be used to gather their administrative unit responses to Miami 2020 goals and metrics.
September 13 Department chairs and program directors submit preliminary responses to the Miami 2020 metrics survey to Deans. Miami 2020 metrics survey distributed to administrative and support units reporting to Vice Presidents, Provost, and President.
September 16–
October 1
Deans review department and program responses and offer feedback. ---
September 18 Council of Academic Deans discusses the possibility of implementing common strategies across divisions and units for specific goals and metrics. ---
October 1 ---

Administrative and support units reporting to Vice Presidents, Provost, and President submit their survey responses.

President and Vice Presidents begin integrating their administrative unit responses and developing divisional plans to be submitted to President and Provost

October 7 University Senate review of departmental metrics and plan developments. ---
October 14 Chairs and program directors submit revised Miami 2020 metrics survey responses to Deans. President and Vice Presidents report to PEC on their individual unit responses for feedback.
October 15–
November 1
Deans synthesize department and program responses and develop preliminary divisional plans. President and Vice Presidents continue integrating their administrative unit responses and developing divisional plans.
October 16 Update at Academic Administrators' Breakfast. ---
October 21 At PEC meeting, Vice Presidents (and Deans) review the preliminary plans for the academic and administrative divisions. This may be a joint meeting with COAD.
October 23 Council of Academic Deans reviews proposed strategies from all units, including all academic and administrative divisions.
November 1 Vice Presidents and Deans submit revision of preliminary divisional plans to the President and Provost.
November 1–10 President and Provost review plans and offer feedback to Vice President and Deans.
November 11–15 Vice Presidents and Deans revise plans based on President's and Provost's feedback.
November 15–22 President and Provost prepare Miami 2020 Plan report for submission to Board of Trustees.
November 26 President and Provost submit report to Board of Trustees.
December 4 Discussion of progress at Academic Administrators' Breakfast. ---
December 6 Board of Trustees reviews the report and votes on its approval.
Winter–Spring 2014 President, Vice Presidents, and Deans work with their unit and department leaders to further refine and begin implementation of detailed action plans to meet metrics and objectives.
End of January 2014 President and Provost report to Faculty Assembly on the status of the academic, administrative, and support units' plans.
Summer 2014 Baseline report on metrics and outcomes is developed with available data. Deadline for submission is TBA.
July 1, 2015–
June 30, 2015
All units collect year 1 data. Deadline for submission of annual report on data collection and progress towards goals TBA.