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Goals, Objectives, and Metrics

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Looking ever forward, Miami University has involved its entire community in developing a plan that turns changes in the evolving educational landscape into opportunities to enable Miami's goal of offering the best undergraduate education in the country.

In light of changing demographics, technology and rising costs, among other challenges, leaders at Miami University in 2012 began laying out a university-wide process to ensure that a Miami education will continue to provide extraordinary student and scholarly outcomes.

The Miami 2020 Plan is the result of hundreds of active participants and thousands of employees contributing to individual departmental plans to find, through measured outcomes, ways to reach our goal by ensuring

  • an innovative yet sustainable and caring culture
  • a diverse culture of integrity and inclusion spread to global experiences
  • the cultivation of mutually beneficial partnerships and service projects that strengthen our communities, from local to global.

Input was collected from target goal teams representing all academic and administrative divisions, a coordinating committee, external experts, an academic administrators retreat, and ultimately, employees across every sector of campus.

Metrics and objectives in the Miami 2020 Plan support one unifying goal and three foundational goals.

Unifying Goal

Promote a vibrant learning and discovery environment that produces extraordinary student and scholarly outcomes.

Foundational Goal 1

Ensure vitality and sustainability by building a forward-looking, efficient, and caring culture that stimulates, recognizes, and rewards creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and exemplary performance.

Foundational Goal 2

Promote a diverse culture of inclusion, integrity, and collaboration that deepens understanding and embraces intercultural and global experiences.

Foundational Goal 3

Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and applied and service-oriented projects that strengthen our local, state, national, and world communities.