Employee Institutional Response Team

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In addition to the Institutional Response Team (IRT) that responds when there is a concern that a student may pose a risk of substantial harm to himself/herself, to others or to property, Miami University has an Employee Institutional Response Team (E-IRT) that responds when there is concern that an employee poses a risk of substantial harm to himself/herself, to others or to property.

The E-IRT consists of representatives of various campus offices.

If you have concerns that an employee may pose a risk of substantial harm to himself/herself, to someone else, or to property, we encourage you to contact co-chairs Celia Ellison (for faculty or staff in academic affairs units) or Dawn Fahner (for classified staff and unclassified staff in non-academic units). If they are unavailable, please contact any E-IRT member listed below.

For immediate potential danger call 911, or Miami University police at 513-529-2222 for the Oxford campus. Hamilton campus security can be reached at 513-785-3222; Middletown campus security can be reached at 513-727-3333 and at the Voice of America Learning Center, call 513-895-8862 daytime and 513-330-1530 in the evening.

Also, please make time to view a new 6-minute public service announcement about what to do if you are in the area of an active shooter. This advice reflects updated law enforcement theory on how to respond to a shooter.

For more information about the university’s emergency responses, see University Response.


  • Kip Alishio, ex officio
    Director, Student Counseling
  • Kenya Ash
    Director, Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity
  • Christopher Connell
    Senior Director of Administration, Regional Campuses
  • Celia Ellison
    Director, Academic Personnel Services
  • Dawn Fahner
    Interim Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • John McCandless
    Miami University Chief of Police
  • Robin Parker
    University Counsel
  • Timothy Parsons, ex officio
    Case Manager, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Claire Wagner
    Director, University News and Communications
  • Jeff Wanko
    Associate Provost and Professor of Teacher Education

Emergency Information

Oxford emergency information card

Regional emergency information card

All faculty and staff should carry with them the emergency information wallet cards that were distributed at the start of the school year and that hold other helpful phone numbers.