Sustainability Committee Annual Reports

Miami's Commitment to Sustainability

Miami University is committed to sustainability in our academic programs, physical campus and operations, and university mission by promoting environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability for current and future generations.

The Miami University Sustainability Commitments and Goals (SCAG) were first established in 2010 with broad stakeholder input and later endorsed by former President Hodge.

Through concerted efforts in energy and infrastructure planning, changes to operations and practices, and the development and enhancement of academic programs, most of the 2010 goals had been met by 2015.  A new set of commitments and goals was drafted in 2016.

Role of Sustainability Committee

While Miami University’s Sustainability Committee does not implement the sustainability commitments and goals , their role includes communicating with entities that implement these policies and programs, and to report on progress in these areas.

  • FY2021 Annual Report: This report provides evidence that the University has met or made significant progress toward the 2016 SCAG, and requests that the University retire the 2016 SCAG and establish broader, institutionalized sustainability pillars to guide Miami’s sustainability progress (the report will be published online in September 2021 after review by President Crawford).

Additional Reports

For copies of reports for 2011 or 2013-2016, please contact Adam Sizemore.