Sustainability Snapshot 2020

aerial view of three buildings and a pond on western campus

Sustainability Snapshot

With September's signing of the Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments (PCLC) - Climate Commitment, Miami University elevates our dedication to sustainability as a core element in our mission and values. Miami's impressive gains in energy transformation and conservation have led us to this moment, when we commit to climate resilience and pledge our progress toward a more sustainable Miami community and a more sustainable world around us.


51% Reduction in energy-based carbon emissions per gross square foot, 2008-2019.

STARS Gold First gold rating received in May 2019 in recognition of sustainability achievements.

Climate Leadership Miami signs the Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments (PCLC) - Climate Commitment in September 2020.

29 Gold or Silver LEED-certified buildings on the Oxford campus.

Sustainability Achievements on the Oxford Campus


Western geothermal plant
39% reduction in energy use per gross square foot, 2008-2019

Did you know?
In 2010, nearly all Oxford buildings were heated and cooled by carbon-intensive steam. By 2026, nearly all Oxford buildings will be off steam.

Converting Campus Off Steam

Two students converse on the patio of Armstrong Student Center

Student Involvement

Armstrong Student Center
Nine student organizations advocating for sustainability

Did you know?
The newly formed Student Sustainability Council coordinates events and acts on student concerns regarding sustainability.

Student Sustainability Groups

Aerial view of the pond between western campus residence halls


Beechwoods Residence Hall and Upper Pond
By 2026, 43 buildings in Oxford will be heated or cooled by geothermal.

Did you know?
There are 300 geothermal wells on the Western campus under the Upper Pond.

Geothermal Wells

LEED Buildings

Farmer School of Business
28% of gross square footage on Oxford campus in LEED-certified buildings

Did you know?
In 2009, FSB was the first building on campus to earn Silver LEED designation.

Miami's LEED Buildings


Upham Hall
Sustainability is a key part of 22 programs and over 100 courses.

Did you know?
There are four co-majors directly related to sustainability.

Sustainability Co-Majors

Students watering a field of onions and cabbages


Institute for Food Farm
The 14-acre farm supports a 28 week CSA program.

Did you know?
Food systems & food studies is a new sustainability-related co-major.

More About the Farm

Uptown Oxford park during a festival

Miami-Oxford Partnership

Summer Music Festival, Uptown, Oxford, 2018
Oxford signed the global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy Commitment in 2019.

Did you know?
IES master’s students are helping Oxford prepare a greenhouse gas inventory.

IES Opportunities


Goggin Ice Arena
New heat recovery system saves $300,000 annually in utility costs.

Did you know?
The system captures and re-uses 75% of the heat used to cool the ice.

Moving Off Steam

Institute for Environment and Sustainability

Shideler Hall
IES is an umbrella organization for sustainability education and research at Miami.

Did you know?
The Institute for Environment and Sustainability celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 – older than the EPA!

IES Anniversary

Pond with algae growing on the surface and surrounded by trees


Western Campus Duck Pond
18M gallons/year will be saved from energy systems conversions 2019-2026.

Did you know?
Miami’s six rain gardens slow and purify rain runoff.

Rain Gardens

Plans and Stories

Members of the student organization EcoReps sort through trash to find recyclables

Student Organization: EcoReps

Blanketing Miami University with environmentally friendly reusable water bottles – everywhere from student events to board of trustees meetings – is just one part of a sustainability campaign for EcoReps.

EcoReps Plans

Miami students visit a dining hall while wearing masks

COVID-19 and Sustainability

President Crawford made a commitment to carbon neutrality for Miami’s Oxford campus. He intends to sign the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment (PCLC) - Climate Commitment and has formed the Climate Action Task Force, which will be charged with satisfying the PCLC requirements.

Climate Task Force Plans

Miami's Sustainable Future - Carbon Neutrality and Beyond

Miami University has spent 10 years on the path to carbon neutrality by transforming energy use on the Oxford campus. In September 2020, Miami signs the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments (PCLC) - Climate Commitment as a leader in environmental stewardship and campus sustainability. Moving forward, Miami will expand the conversation to long-term climate action and community partnerships that are the path to a sustainable future.

  • 2008-2019: $33 million investment in campus energy transformation
  • January 2019 – President Crawford charges the Sustainability Committee to prepare a plan by June 1, 2019
  • 2019 – Read “Commitment to Lead.”
  • September 2019 – President Crawford asks the committee to recommend whether to sign the PCLC or create an independent plan by February 1, 2020
  • Summer 2020: Climate Action Task Force to be formed with a target date set for carbon neutrality
  • 2022: Complete a Campus-Community Resilience Assessment
  • 2023: Climate Action Plan to be completed – target date set for carbon neutrality
  • 2020-2026: Planned $60 million investment in further energy system transformation

Future initiatives:

  • Sustainability literacy module for incoming students
  • A transportation hub with Oxford and the Butler County Regional Transit Authority
  • Updated metrics and measures of success for sustainability goals