National Fellowships Committee

Professor at equation-covered board in a mathematics class
Professor Coates talks to students in a MUM classroom
 Students and Scripps professor work together in small group, CAS


The functions of the National Fellowships Committee are to oversee the candidacies of all Miami students interested in competing for select National Fellowship opportunities; and administer the campus nomination process that leads to Miami’s institutional endorsements of candidates for these opportunities.  The committee shall also manage the recruitment and advising of potential candidates and the marketing of fellowship opportunities and deadlines to the University community.


Committee members are appointed by the Provost following consultation with the chair of the committee. The membership shall be comprised of those faculty and staff members who have been assigned responsibility for managing fellowships in a particular cognate or interest area and faculty/staff members with an interest in fellowship advising. The Director or Senior Associate Director of the Honors College will serve as chair.

  • Automatic members
    • Director of the Honors College
    • Senior Associate Director of the Honors College
    • One (1) Academic Advisor, Honors College, who shall assist the committee with fellowship advising and recruitment
    • Director of Global Partnerships, Global Initiatives, who shall manage international fellowships
    • One (1) representative from STEM-related fields in the College of Arts and Sciences, who shall manage STEM-related fellowships
  • Faculty and staff members appointed by the Provost as needed and appropriate
  • The Director of the Honors College will serve as chair.

Current Membership

  • Chair: Dr. Zeb Baker, Director, Honors College
  • Karla Guinigundo, Director of Global Partnerships, Global Initiatives
  • Dr. Paul Urayama, Associate Professor, Department of Physics (CAS)
  • Dr. Joe Johnson, Chair and Professor, Department of Psychology (CAS)
  • Dr. Charles Moul, Associate Professor, Department of Economics (FSB)
  • Dr. Brian Kirkmeyer, Karen Buchwald Wright Senior Assistant Dean for Student Success (CEC)
  • Joyce Fernandes, Professor, Department of Biology, Director of Undergraduate Research
  • Secretary: Shannon Schweitzer, Honors Administrative Assistant