Advertising and Recruitment Resources

Please contact the Office of Equity & Equal Opportunity (9-7157) if you would like assistance identifying recruitment resources.

Please contact Academic Personnel Services (9- 6724) with questions concerning the requirements for placing advertisements.

Drafting Advertisements

Search committees can use an ad-drafting template when drafting ad text. Submit and review the proposed ad with Celia in Academic Personnel to ensure a speedier trip through the request process and result in an ad that will be acceptable if the search results in a need to sponsor a foreign national for permanent resident status.

Complete the ad-drafting template

Online Advertising & Instructions

(Instructions for online posting at venues with MU contracts will be sent to the hiring unit from the Academic Personnel Office when the request to search is approved)

Chronicle of Higher Education Online

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Ed Online

Women in Higher Education Online

Journal of Blacks in Higher Education Online

Latinos in Higher

Advertising in Printed Materials

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education

Posting through the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity

Cincinnati Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Ohio Means Veterans Jobs

Other Tips

Group Advertisements

Hiring units can join with other departments to post several position announcements in a single ad.

Departmental Individualized Advertising

Each department could use the following types of specialized resources:

  • Primary professional organizations in specialized and related fields
  • Minority & women specific professional organizations in specialized and related fields
  • Listservs and distribution outlets for minorities and women in specialized and related fields
  • Subgroups of primary professional organizations that are minority and women specific

Other Recruiting Efforts

  • Contact the department Chair equivalent at the top–rated Ph.D.–producing schools in the country and region. Particularly focus on schools with high representations of women and minorities graduating in specialized and related fields.
  • Advertise, post job announcements, and recruit in field–related professional organizations at annual regional and national conferences.
  • Send position announcements to minority and female–concentrated schools: Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic, Female and Native American Serving Institutions.
  • Ask search committee members to make personal efforts (calling colleagues at other institutions, etc.) to find and recruit candidates.