Instructional Part-Time Online, Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Academic Year/per credit hour/online teaching only. Do not use for Full-time Faculty or Staff.

Please refer to EPAF Quick Guide for specifics not covered below.

Quick Tips for Part-Time Faculty Teaching Online, EPAFs
Field Entry
Query Date Depends upon which term See Important Dates chart
Approval Category Faculty Summer Telecommuting Appointment, SUMTEL
Position and Suffix Each class being taught has to be processed on a separate EPAF (a unique JOB);
a unique JOB is represented by the summer departmental position number and different SUFFIX per EPAF. 
New Job Use of a different suffix may require using the process for submitting a NEW JOB instead of a REAPPOINTMENT. See Quick Guide.
Suffix Oxford: 45, 46, 47, 48, 49
Regionals: 51, 52, 53, 54
Contract Type Primary or Secondary. Only one Primary Job per person; additional Jobs are Secondary.
Job Begin Date Same as Current Value; if no Current Value, use effective date for term. See Important Dates chart
Dates See Important Dates chart
FTE & Hours/Pay See FTE and Hours/Pay charts for specific term
Job Change Reason REAPT
Factors & Pays Reflect # months on payroll. See FTE and Hours/Pay charts
Annual Salary Salary for this position. NOTE: Credit hour rate is $1,025/credit
Payroll ID & Index Based department of course
Account Code  111610
Job Earnings

Effective Date: same as Query Date. See Important Dates chart
Select FSM for job earnings

End Job Record Dates Effective Date and Personnel Date: depends on term.  See Important Dates chart
Routing Queue Level 10 Academic Personnel Reviewer Choose Hannah Lebovitz (lebovihe)
Level 45 Chair/Director/Supervisor Choose appropriate chair
Level 50 Dean Choose appropriate Dean Designee (not the actual dean)
Level 60 VP and Provost Choose Bess Sprockett (sprocke)
Level 90 HR/Academic Personnel (applier) Beth Matix (Matixb)
Comment Field

Campus (where course is “owned”); Course #; section; credit hours; term. If salary is reduced due to low enrollment, note that in comment. Indicate that the class is on-line or WEB or remotely-delivered.

Submission Notes

Summer EPAFs for faculty teaching a summer course with low enrollment and for which there is potential for cancellation of the course should NOT be submitted for May payment. Once a final decision can be made that the course will be taught, the EPAF can be submitted but with JUNE dates (06/01/2020 begin and query date) and the full salary will be paid on the June payroll (factor and pays 1). It is better to hold for pay until June than to either pay in May for a cancelled course or submit an EPAF with a May date and then not process the EPAF on the May payroll because of uncertainty of the course making enrollment, which would require voiding and re-creating the EPAF for June payment.

Reference Charts

Important Dates by Term, Summer 2020
Term Query Date
Effective Date

Personnel Date


Effective Date 


Pay Dates
Last working day of the month
FULL 05/01/2020 05/19/2020-08/08/2020 07/31/2020 3/3


Sprint T 05/01/2020 05/19/2020-06/27/2020 06/30/2020 2/2 May
Sprint U 07/01/2020 06/29/2020-08/08/2020 07/31/2020 1/1 July
Sprint V 05/01/2020 05/19/2020-07/11/2020 07/31/2020 3/3 May
Sprint W 06/01/2020 06/15/2020-08/08/2020 07/31/2020 2/2 June
Sprint X 05/01/2020 05/19/2020-06/13/2020 06/30/2020 2/2 May
Sprint Y 06/01/2020 06/15/2020-07/11/2020 07/31/2020 2/2 June
Sprint Z 07/01/2020 07/13/2020-08/08/2020 07/31/2020 1/1 July
FTE and Hours Per Pay
Credit Hours FTE Paid for 2 months
Paid for 1 month
Paid for 3 months
Full, V
1 .04 8 16 5.33
2 .08 16 32 10.66
3 .13 24 48 16.00
4 .17 32 64 21.33
5 .21 40 80 26.66
6 .25 48 96 32.00