Professional Development

MUASAA has a goal of being a place where advisors and academic support can grow professionally.

As part of that goal, we will provide different professional development opportunities through this website.

Spring 2022 Professional Development Events


SOCHE-Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education

Miami is part of SOCHE-Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education. This organization offers FREE Webinars and professional development for advisors.

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Contact Julia Pond, MUASAA Professional and Community Development Committee

Upcoming Live SOCHE Webinars

Developing A Student Success Coaching Program For FYE & Academic Recovery

Tuesday, Jan 25, 1-2p EST

This webinar will help attendees: Identify critical components of a student success program using undergraduate/graduate students; identify specific opportunities on campus to maximize current resources; define strategies to prioritize student and departmental needs; and describe options for programming content and delivery specific to your needs; and determine next steps for creating a new program or refining an existing program

Integrating Appreciative Advising To Positively Impact Retention, Persistence & Graduation

Wednesday, Feb 2, 1-2:30p EST

In this interactive webinar, we will explore the mechanics involved in developing and maintaining a successful, appreciative academic advising program, discuss the challenges involved and how to overcome them, and dissect the process for fostering stronger, more productive, responsive and cost-effective advising relationships within the context of an integrated appreciative advising model. We will investigate, in detail, evidence-based best practices for using the Appreciative Advising approach to help students achieve their full potential both academically and in their careers – and how this will precipitate and support enhanced retention-to-graduation.

Advising Diverse Populations: How To Be Inclusive Using Appreciative Advising

Wednesday, Feb 16, 1-2:30p EST

This evidence-based, interactive, hands-on webinar will provide participants with the competencies they need to effectively engage in academic advising with all students, irrespective of their personal and cultural characteristics. Different student populations have different needs and preferences when it comes to their expectations regarding the advising process; it is important that advisors be able to recognize where their students are coming from and respond in a way that facilitates growth and development along a number of relevant dimensions. This webinar will help advisors enhance their ability to better serve all students and get more of them to the finish line.