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Education career pathways outside of K-12 teaching
Three Miami University alumni share their experiences in developing career or grad school pathways in educational work in the non-profit, advocacy, and support sectors. 4-5 pm on Thursday, January 28th, via Zoom.
Call for Papers | Sport, Animals, & Ethics
We are inviting papers focused on ethical issues related to the involvement of animals in the context of sport, recreation, or leisure. We welcome a wide spectrum of submissions; e.g., from direct use such as hunting animals to indirect involvement; e.g., the environmental/animal impact on golf courses. 
New article by Dr. Jason E. Lane
If You Want to be a Creative Leader, Cultivating Curiosity is a Good Start
1-12-21 Weekly Three
As the Spring 2021 semester begins, my leadership team and I have clarified our vision of how to organize the Office of the Provost more effectively to support the work of Academic Affairs and to align with important recommendations in the MiamiRISE strategic plan. When I arrived, we had four associate provosts: one (1) for research and graduate studies (which has now been split into our VPRI, Alicia Knoedler, and our Dean of the Graduate School, Mike Crowder), one (1) for our regional campuses who also serves as Dean of CLAAS, Cathy Bishop-Clark, and Carolyn Haynes and Jeff Wanko, who did not have clear portfolios but merely did everything else that needed to be done. Last summer we also added a Special Assistant to the Provost, Dana Cox whose role focuses on faculty affairs.
Dr. Phil Smith was featured in a Healthline article
Herd Immunity to COVID-19 is Still a Long Way Off: How Vaccines Can Get Us There
Bryan Ferres '08, wins Fuel Up to Play 60 Program Teacher Advisor of the year
The Cleveland Browns recognized Fuel Up to Play 60 volunteer Bryan Ferres!
New article from Dr. Rose Marie Ward
Creating a Third Space for Conversation and Reflection
Mark Walsh on Global Initiatives podcast
What Does It Mean to be 'Immersed' in Culture?
Lena Lee (EDT) Awarded by Ohio Children's Foundation for New Study
Dr. Lee's study, "Reggio Emilia Project-Based Learning in Low-Income Preschools," will focus on enhancing brain development, language development, and social skills for low-income young children in preschool classrooms.