3-9-17 Weekly Three

Below is this week’s Three:

Undergraduate Research Forum – Miami undergraduates are invited to present the results of their mentored research at the annual Undergraduate Research Forum to be held on April 26, 2017. The deadline for students to register their presentations is tomorrow, Friday, March 10. The student’s research can be on any topic and part of a class, community project, service-learning project, creative project or an independent study. Types of presentation include:

  • Individual oral presentation
  • Individual poster presentation
  • Group poster presentation

Please encourage students to participate in the forum by registering their presentation.

Reminder – The second Inclusion Series interactive session will be held on Tuesday, March 14, 4:30-5:45 p.m. in the Shriver Dolibois Rooms. The panel will open a dialogue around the question, “Am I a Racist? An Exploration of Race and Racial Identity in Today’s Political Atmosphere,” Additional details, including the updated list of panelists are Richard Moore, Othello Harris, Gwen Etter-Lewis and J. Scott Brown.

The Inclusion panel will be held prior to the Janus Forum, “Can Both Black and Blue Lives Matter?” scheduled at 6:00 p.m. that evening in the Armstrong Student Center - Wilks Theater.

High Risk Alcohol Use – Last week, Mike Curme, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Rebecca Baudry Young, Director of Student Wellness, and I sent the attached (Attachment B) communication to all faculty and instructional staff with information and resources for how to respond to situations involving student high risk alcohol use. I’m including it here again as Green Beer Day and Spring Break approaches.  (Please note, the e-mail is included below in this website news article)

Until next week,


DATE:   February 20, 2017
TO:       All Oxford Campus Faculty and Instructional Staff
FROM:  Dr. Phyllis Callahan, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
            Dr. Mike Curme, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
            Rebecca Baudry Young, Director, Office of Student Wellness
RE:      High-Risk Alcohol Use by Students at Miami University

As we approach Miami's spring break, we call your attention to a problem that continues to affect Miami
University and many other universities across the nation: students' high-risk alcohol use. Events that
promote significant alcohol consumption, such as Green Beer Day and St. Patrick's Day, compromise the
academic integrity of our institution and put our students at significant personal risk due to the negative
consequences associated with high-risk and underage consumption (e.g., alcohol poisoning, accidental
injury, driving while intoxicated, or public intoxication).

This year the "traditional" Green Beer Day is Thursday March 16, followed the next day, Friday, March 17,
by St. Patrick's Day. Some students will participate in these festivities, which often involve high-risk
alcohol consumption. On Green Beer Day in particular, uptown alcohol sales begin very early in the
morning and continue throughout the day. An additional concern is that on Friday, March 1 7, many
students will depart on spring break trips that involve driving long distances.

Please help reduce these risks by supporting Miami's position that alcohol consumption should be legal,
safe, and smart. Miami's proud commitment to high academic standards and our shared values of
"character as well as intellect" can be reinforced by holding class with meaningful (and ideally "gradable")
activities during all class periods on March 16 and March 17.

If you ever suspect that a student in your class is under the influence of alcohol, you may ask the student
to leave and then notify the Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution (OESCR) (513-529-1417; While it is helpful to provide detail (e.g., staggering, vomiting, falling asleep,
slurred speech, difficulty focusing, etc.), the most important thing is to file a report. The OESCR office can
request additional information and/or will follow up to determine your willingness to be involved in the
adjudication process should the student dispute the allegation. Alternatively, you may notify the Miami
University Police Department (MUPD) (51 3-529-2222). A student does not have to cause a disturbance in
the classroom to be documented as intoxicated, but there must be some indicator that would suggest the
student is under the influence.

Staff members from the Office of Student Wellness (513-529-7893) and the Student Counseling Services
(513-529-4634) are also available for an individual telephone consultation regarding concerns about
students. For emergencies, always call 911.