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Altman Scholars
Durell and Denise were named Altman Scholars for 2021-2022 to help execute next year's program "Race and Racism: The Problem of Persistence." Congratulations to the both of them.
Retiring EHS Dean Michael E. Dantley Establishes a Legacy of Leadership and Transformative Social Change
For Dantley, retirement only signifies another phase in a lifelong mission to build an educational system that works for everybody, to ask tough questions around power and privilege, to enact positive and transformative social change, and to establish a legacy of leadership that others will continue to follow.
Leah Wasburn-Moses selected for the MWERA 2020 Distinguished Paper
"Ethics in Partnership in Teacher Education"
The College of Creative Arts Participated in Statehouse Takeover Day
Four students and one faculty member from the Arts Management and Entrepreneurship program met with four state representatives to advocate for Miami University and the arts.
New Publication from Dr. Elise Radina
New publication from EHS Associate Dean, Elise Radinas.
New Publication from Dr. Leah Wasburn-Moses
New publication from EDP Professor, Leah Wasburn-Moses.
Making the Invisible Visible: Action Research Through Social Work
Social work means so much more than most may realize. This is something Dr. Darren Cosgrove would like more people to know.
Miami University geology research has far reach, local implications
It's safe to say in 2020 alone, Miami University Regionals Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Mark Krekeler has the golden touch.
Miami University Assistant Professor of Art Featured at Pyramid Hill
College of Creative Arts Assistant Teaching Professor Michael Stillion is currently featured in the Ancient Sculpture Museum at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum in Hamilton, Ohio.