OER Grant Application

Professor speaks to his class in language lab, CAS
Professor Scott Hartley, wearing protective glasses, talks with students in the lab, CAS

(to be submitted via email to Carolyn Haynes, Associate Provost; haynesca@miamioh.edu)

Applicant Information

  1. Faculty Name(s) (first name, last name):
  2. Academic Rank/Position:
  3. Department:
  4. Phone Number:
  5. Email Address:
  6. Grant Tier Level for Which You Are Applying

Description of Grant Proposal

  1. Short Title:
  2. Is this a new course? Y/N
  3. Name of course listed in this this proposal:
  4. Three letter department abbreviation and number of course listed in this proposal:
  5. Catalog description of course listed in this proposal:
  6. Next term in which this course will be offered:
  7. Frequency with which this course is offered:
  8. Maximum number of enrolled students:
  9. Average number of enrolled students (Calculate this based on the last three iterations of the course if possible. See “Information on new courses” note above for calculating enrollment for new courses.):
  10. Current textbook used (title and ISBN):
  11. Total cost of textbook each student is required to purchase for this course (Calculate this using the retail price for a new copies of the work. Do not include the cost of supplemental materials. See section on new courses for how the cost of textbooks should be calculated in such courses.):
  12. Briefly describe potential suitable OER in major repositories:
  13. Identify gaps in the available OER, and briefly assess your own ability to adapt OER that will fill those gaps:
  14. How will students access the alternative content?
  15. Indicate how the alternate textbook materials will address issues of accessibility for students with visual impairments. [NOTE: assistance can be provided, if needed, to help with accessibility issues].
  16. State the outcomes for your project:
  17. Describe your plan for evaluating the outcomes. How will you know they were achieved?
  18. Outline possible assessment mechanisms for measuring the impact of traditional textbooks and OER on the course outcomes and student learning:
  19. What are your greatest concerns about adopting an alternative textbook solution (for yourself and or your students)?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with Carla Myers, Assistant Librarian, as well as other librarians, instructional technologists, and CTE staff during the preparation of the application.

  1. I have consulted with the following people:

Previous Funding from Miami University

  1. Have you received previous funding for a course through a grant from CTE?
  2. Have you applied for other grants from Miami University this year?
  3. Have you received any other grants or funding from Miami University during the previous five years?

Other Support for Current Proposal

  1. Have you applied for or been granted any external or other internal sources of funding for this proposal?

Additional Materials

Attach a current CV or resume that includes courses taught at Miami University.