Honors College Faculty-in-Residence

The Honors College Faculty-in-Residence Program houses professors in Peabody Hall – the home of the Honors College offices and one of the oldest and most distinguished residence halls at Miami University -- to encourage interaction between faculty members and undergraduate students beyond the classroom or lab.  The HCFiR program affords a broad range of informal and structured opportunities for participating faculty to draw freely on their vocational and professional interests and seek common ground with students in the residential setting

Faculty-in-Residence Position

To encourage greater interaction between students and faculty members (and their families) and to expose undergraduates to role models who integrate intellectual activities into their daily lives, the Honors College and Office of Residence Life of Miami University are sponsoring the Honors College Faculty-in-Residence (HCFiR) Program. This position requires the faculty member to reside in an assigned apartment in the Honors College residence hall (Peabody Hall) on Miami’s Oxford campus throughout the term of the appointment.

Goals of the HCFiR

1. Foster faculty/student interaction outside of the classroom setting
2. Enhance the intellectual life of the Honors College residence hall through programming and exposure to faculty

These goals are accomplished through HCFiR collaboration with the Honors College staff, honors student organization and Office of Residence Life; by serving as a catalyst for the involvement of other faculty members in residential activities; fostering habits of curiosity about and involvement in educational/cultural activities beyond the confines of the classroom; regularly interacting with Honors College students to provide mentorship (e.g., organizing activities, events, field trips, workshops, lunches with students, office hours).