Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Miami University Presidential Fellows Program Miami University Presidential Fellows Program

Benefits for Presidential Fellows

  • A four-year, renewable scholarship covering Tuition & Fees and Room & Board
  • A one-time $5,000 academic enrichment stipend
  • Tailored programming for the Presidential Fellows cohort, including the U-Lead Conference

Scholarship Details

1. What costs will be covered by the Presidential Fellows Scholarship?

Your Presidential Fellows Program Scholarship package will cover tuition and fees for eight semesters provided that you maintain a 3.50 cumulative grade point average each year. Tuition and fees include all Instructional, Non-Resident Surcharge, Basic General, Miami Metro, Technology, Facilities, Armstrong Student Center, Matriculation, Career Development, and course fees that you are charged.

Your Presidential Fellows Program Scholarship package will not cover University contract confirmation deposits, health insurance, health center fees, pharmacy charges, orientation, pre-enrollment or pre-admission testing fees, books, computers, supplies or other necessities. It will also not cover other optional expenses such as MUlaa accounts, parking permits, parking fines, library fines, air conditioner rentals, and cell/telephone charges. 

This list is not exhaustive and Miami University reserves the right to determine which charges may/may not be paid by the Presidential Fellows Program Scholarship.

Please visit the Tuition and Fees website, for more information on costs.

2. Which room and board plan does the scholarship cover?

You are allotted a meal scholarship which will cover a Diplomat Standard meal plan. The Diplomat Standard provides 16 buffet meals per week as well as $500 declining balance dollars and 5 guest buffet meals each semester. This plan also provides a bonus week of buffet meals that can be used at any time during the semester. More information about meal plans can be found on the Meal Plans website.

The meal plan covers only food items or meals for yourself. It does not cover non-food items or food/meals purchased for others. You may make a different meal plan selection; however the difference in cost will be your responsibility to pay.

You will also be given room expenses up to the cost of a traditional double occupancy room in a residence hall for eight semesters. Presidential Fellows are guaranteed a room in Presidents Hall which features enhanced community and study spaces, completely new corridor bathrooms, new student room furniture, completely updated building systems, air conditioning and heating, and more. Miami University provides refrigerators in each room on campus at no additional cost. You may make a different room selection; however the difference in cost will be your responsibility to pay.

3. If I live off campus, can I still receive the room and board portion of my scholarship?

Typically, Miami University students are required to live on-campus for their first two years. If you live off campus in your third or fourth year, you will receive a scholarship for housing and meal expenses up to allowable costs (diplomat standard meal plan and traditional double occupancy room). For meals to be covered by the scholarship, you must purchase a University meal plan, even if living off campus.

4. What is covered under the Enrichment Fund?

As a Presidential Fellow, you will have access to an Enrichment Fund of up to $5,000. The fund can be used over the course of your four years at Miami and should enhance your educational experience at Miami. Presidential Fellows are encouraged to chart their own path and embark on exciting new academic challenges. While there is no precedence for the spending of these enrichment funds, Fellows may elect to use them for endeavors such as:

  • Independent research study abroad or away
  • Internships
  • Public service and/or community engagement initiatives
  • Other enrichment activities approved by the Miami University Presidential Fellows Program (PFP) Enrichment Fund Review Committee.

Fellows will have to submit an application to access their enrichment funds. A Presidential Fellows Program Enrichment Fund Review Committee will review each application and determine the eligibility of each request. Unused funds are not refundable.

5. If I receive additional scholarships, how will this impact my Presidential Fellowship Scholarship package?

Students can receive aid up to their cost of attendance.

6. Am I eligible to apply my Presidential Fellows Scholarship to a study abroad program?

Your Presidential Fellows Scholarship may be used during a fall or spring semester of study abroad for the Luxembourg, faculty-led, or exchange programs billed through Miami. Scholarship funds can only be used for billed tuition, fees, room and board. Scholarships can only be used once for one semester of study abroad in a program (exception: specific program that only has a year option.)

Please visit the Education Abroad website for more information on study abroad programs.

7. Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the scholarship?

Contact the Office of Admission at or 513-529-2531 if you have questions about the Presidential Fellows program.