The University Honors Program (UHP) enhances Miami University’s commitment to undergraduate student success by creating the conditions for meaningful, reflective learning. The UHP is committed to graduating students who are leaders prepared to excel in their fields, confident in exercising critical and independent thought, and who have a proactive sense of responsibility to our global world. Honors students are encouraged to imagine and develop their own learning paths, while choosing challenging educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. Students in the UHP individually tailor their experiences to meet the program requirements by aligning experiences with their interests and goals.

Program Requirements

The University Honors Program requires students to complete eight (8) Honors Experience over the course of their undergraduate studies. Honors Experiences are active learning opportunities in which students engage in thoughtful planning and reflection to connect their experiences to their academic, personal, and professional goals. 

Eight (8) Honors Experiences 

Honors students are required to complete eight (8) Honors Experiences over the course of their undergraduate studies. Four (4) Honors Experiences must be academic, including two (2) required Honors courses during the first year. The other four (4) Honors Experiences can be any combination of academic or co-curricular Honors Experiences, to be determined in conversation between the student and their Honors advisor.

Academic Honors Experiences include the following:

  • Honors Courses (the UHP offers 60+ courses each semester and these small classes are often capped at 25 or fewer students)
  • Course Extensions (students develop additional coursework in regularly offered Miami courses to further explore that course's content, with faculty mentorship) 
  • Undergraduate Research (any faculty-mentored research in which students engage) 

Co-curricular Honors Experiences must last at least 40 hours and include the following: 

  • Study Abroad during any Miami term
  • Pre-Professional Experiences (e.g. internships, co-ops, Miami professional study away programs)
  • Teaching Experiences (e.g. coaching, mentoring, tutoring, UA, TA, or SI roles)
  • Significant Community Service Work at one Volunteer Site/Agency
  • Campus Engagement or Leadership Positions
  • Creative Projects


Optional Requirements

Honors with Distinction

During their final undergraduate years, Honors students have the option to pursue Honors with Distinction. This achievement requires the proposal, development, and completion of a large-scale project or an intensive pre-professional experience. Students are encouraged to use their Honors Experiences (see above) to prepare for this project. Honors with Distinction projects are student led and faculty mentored initiatives. 

Transcript Notation

Students earn Honors notation on their transcripts and in the graduation program if they also achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Timeline for Completing Experiences

First Year (Honors Experiences 1-2):

  • Fall Semester Honors Course as an academic experience (required)
  • Spring Semester Honors Course as an academic experience (required)

Second-Fourth Years (Honors Experiences 3-8 to be completed in any order):

  • Two (2) additional academic experiences 
  • Four (4) more Honors experiences selected from a combination of academic and/or co-curricular experiences