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What is Art and Architecture History?

Creating works of art and architecture is one way that people have explored their world and themselves. Art and architecture history as a discipline investigates the relationship between visual and architectural forms and the people who produce them.

This is a creative and interpretive field, grounded in the humanities and connected to history, the visual arts, literature, anthropology, archaeology, psychology, and philosophy. To go into this field, you should be interested in how ideas are expressed visually, in cultures other than your own, in historical forces, and how people cope with evolving cultural circumstances.

What are the features of Miami’s program?

Practicum work

Art and architecture history majors  are required to either serve an internship with an arts organization or study abroad. Many majors do both. Through student organizations, majors have the opportunity to attend national conferences and work on publications that prepare you for professional expectations.

Broad exposure

Miami's Department of Art, accredited through the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, brings together students of varied interests and talents: students who are studying to be practicing artists and designers, students who are preparing to be art teachers, and students who are concentrating on art history. Often, art and architecture history classes are composed of students from each of these areas, which enriches and broadens exposure to different points of view.


The Art and Architecture History degree is an interdepartmental major that includes the departments of Art, Architecture and Interior Design, Classical Humanities, and the Miami University Art Museum.

Study abroad

Art and Architecture History majors are encouraged to increase language fluency and gain new cultural perspectives through university-sponsored programs in other countries. Opportunities to study in cities and museums throughout the world are available to all Miami University students. A required field experience for Art and Architecture History majors may be filled through study abroad or through an internship with an arts organization. Many majors choose to do both.

Top-notch facilities

The nationally accredited Miami University Art Museum houses thousands of art objects for student research. Art history professors use these resources for classroom teaching. Museum staff welcome student interaction. The Art Building contains classrooms and seminar rooms specifically designed for the study of art history. The Wertz Art and Architecture Library has a significant collection of print and digital resources for classroom use and individual research. The Department of Art also houses an extensive Visual Resources Collection and gallery spaces for both professional and student exhibitions.

What are the special admission requirements, if any?


What courses would I take?

Courses in contemporary art history and the history of visual arts in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America are offered by professors who are specialists in these areas. A sophomore seminar for art history majors, as well as a senior capstone seminar are required. Foreign language, the university liberal arts courses, a field experience, and two semesters of studio art are also part of the curriculum.

Program requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Art and Architecture History»

What can I do with this major?

The major prepares students for careers in museums, galleries, and historical societies, as well as in communications, publishing, corporations, and education. It serves well as a preliminary degree for many fields, including law, business, library science, and arts management.

Who can I contact for more information?

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