Critical and Classical Languages and Cultures (co-major)


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What is Critical and Classical Languages and Cultures (co-major)?

This co-major provides study to an advanced level of two languages the student chooses from among Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Latin, and Russian. Students select a primary language and a secondary language from this list. Many of our language students have primary majors in Business or Engineering, and sometimes they find that completing the division requirements in both Business and Arts and Science is sufficiently time-consuming that they cannot declare a major in both areas. The co-major allows them to focus on the language acquisition they desire, often as a prospective professional skill, more deeply as well as more widely than a major or minor in one language alone would do.

What are the features of Miami’s program?


The term "co-major" indicates that students must be concurrently enrolled in and must complete another major at Miami University. This co-major complements the primary major, which provides significant depth and breadth in an academic discipline.

What are the special admission requirements, if any?

You must be concurrently enrolled in and must complete another major at Miami University.

What courses would I take?

Language courses through at least the 300-level are included in this co-major, that is: Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, and Latin, so that students will study both their primary language and their secondary language (both required for the co-major) to an advanced level.

What can I do with this major?

This co-major is designed to complement a student’s primary major and to allow them to attain greater facility at two or more languages and to document that as a professional skill for whatever field they choose to enter.

Who can I contact for more information?

Department of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
170 Irvin Hall
Oxford, OH 45056