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What is Kinesiology?

The Kinesiology major is for students interested in the scientific aspects of human movement. Kinesiology focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of interactions of physiological, anatomical, neuropsychological, and biomechanical factors that affect human health and performance. Skills learned in the classroom, laboratory, and internships include assessing and developing effective strategies for enhancing health, improving performance, preventing diseases related to sedentary behavior, and promoting the recovery of health in rehabilitation settings. State-of-the-art laboratories complement the classroom and foster critical thinking, reasoning, and other basic principles of liberal education, instrumental in careers in and outside of Kinesiology.

What are the features of Miami’s program?

Personal attention

Students have opportunities to do one-on-one research with our internationally recognized faculty, as well as independent projects and internships.

State-of-the-art facilities

The Department of Kinesiology and Health (KNH) houses specially equipped laboratories that support the Kinesiology major. The exercise physiology laboratory includes treadmills, bicycle ergometers, carbon dioxide and oxygen analyzers, electrocardiographs, and blood analysis hardware. The motor behavior laboratory is equipped with a force platform, electromyography equipment, digital computer-aided video analysis equipment, and an isokinetic dynamometer. This and other state-of-the-art equipment is used in exercise science courses, and students gain skills in using the equipment and interpreting the data it provides.

What are the special admission requirements, if any?

There are no additional admission requirements for this program.

What courses would I take?

In addition to Global Miami Plan Foundation coursework, required courses include chemistry, biomechanics, exercise and health, functional anatomy, psychology, physics, and motor learning and performance, among others. The Kinesiology major allows you to individualize your degree program. In consultation with your adviser, you can elect up to 25 percent of the 124 credit hours required for graduation.

Course Requirements

What can I do with this major?

Kinesiology prepares students for careers or further study in fitness, health promotion, fitness assessment and exercise prescription, research, and the clinical aspects of the allied health field, such as cardiac rehabilitation. Kinesiology is also an appropriate major for students interested in careers in medicine, physical or occupational therapy, athletic training, dentistry, physician assistance, chiropractic, and other allied health professions.

Kinesiology Careers

Who can I contact for more information?

Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
106 Phillips Hall
Oxford, OH 45056