Many students need time and assistance to decide on a major. In most cases, it's fine to choose "undeclared" as a major on your application for admission. In fact, this category is the one most entering first-year students select.

And for those who do select a major, 60 percent of all Miami students change their major at least once.

When you apply, you can choose "Undeclared" in that division. On the application for admission, you can choose one of the following:

  • University Studies (Undeclared)*
  • Undeclared (Farmer School of Business)**
  • Undeclared (College of Education, Health, and Society)**
  • Undeclared (College of Engineering and Computing)
  • Undeclared (College of Creative Arts)

*If you don't want to choose a division right away, choose this option.
You'll be placed in the College of Arts and Science where you'll have the help of an academic advising office whose primary focus is assisting undecided students.
**Admission is limited. First-year students are admitted as "pre-" majors, eligible to become full majors after meeting certain requirements.

What courses would I take?

Take a wide range of courses in your Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education requirements. You'll take courses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and fine art. Through the Global Miami Plan, many students discover new areas of interest and career possibilities.

Talk with your first-year adviser who lives in your residence hall. Also talk to faculty in areas of interest.

Take the course EDL 100: Career Development and the College Student to explore your interests and examine career trends. Use the computerized career-guidance programs, career development books, and other resources at Miami's Career Exploration and Testing Center. Learn about employment trends and opportunities from the Center for Career Exploration and Success.

Who can I contact for more information?

College of Arts and Science Academic Advising
146 Upham Hall
Oxford, OH 45056