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Congratulations on your acceptance to the 2020 Bridges Program!

Although we would prefer to be hosting Bridges in our quintessential college town of Oxford, Ohio, the uncertain circumstances caused by COVID-19 require that we change course. We’re excited by the plans that are underway for our virtual experience.

All accepted students will be able to participate and do not need to confirm their enrollment or submit documentation to hold their spot. Please review the Schedule of Events for more information.

Bridges Program Resources

Schedule of Events: The Bridges Program schedule of events includes a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions and activities that can be completed on your own time between October 12 and November 6. Although the program extends over four weeks, there is no expectation that students engage with the content each day. The timeframe is to allow participants ample time to complete the requirements at a pace that works best for them. All live sessions will be recorded and requirements need to be fulfilled on or before Friday, November 6. Note: There are some activities that will be due on October 12.

Frequently Asked Questions: Carefully review the Bridges Program FAQs so you don't miss any important steps throughout the program.

Bridges Program Scholarship

Students who complete the Bridges Program, apply, are accepted, and enroll on the Oxford campus for Fall 2021 will be eligible to receive the Bridges Program scholarship. Last year, Bridges scholarship values ranged from $2,500 to $5,000 annually. Students can "stack" this scholarship with other Miami awards, which means multiple scholarships can be used for student expenses. In fact, most Bridges participants receive multiple awards, for total values ranging from half to full tuition.

Contact Information

Office of Admission: 513-529-2531