Two girls laughing by laptops
 Team working on computers
 Three girls in matching shirts working on a computer
 Two males working on a computer with a professor

Am I eligible to compete?

You must be an undergraduate student at Miami or an officially participating school with less than 9-hours of completed graduate credits. 

What does it cost to compete?

It's free! This includes food, fun, friends, a t-shirt, and other gifts. All we require is a serious commitment to participate in the event.

How large are teams?

Team are comprised of 3-5 undergraduate students.

Do I have to compete in a team?

Yes, you have to compete in a team. You can register as an individual and CADS will help you create a team.

What if I don't have a team or need more people on my team?

Let us know when you sign up and we'll put you in touch with other potential teammates.

What can I win?

Cash prizes, fame, glory... and a t-shirt!

What do I need to compete?

All you need is a laptop or computer with tools for data analysis and an enthusiasm for data. There is no limitation on which software you use.

Will food be available during the competition?

Yes. Beginning with dinner Friday night, meals will be provided through lunch on Sunday.

What are the competition rules?

The rules are very simple:

  • Your team must consist of 3-5 undergraduate students.
  • Team members can come and go as they please but all work has to be done on-site. A steady supply of food, beverage, and snacks make it more inviting to stay.
  • It's a competition, but a friendly one, so collaboration between teams is not only allowed but highly encouraged. Official DataFest consultants (Graduate students, faculty and industry experts) will also be around throughout the weekend to help with any questions you might have. 

Do I have to stay the entire time?

No. You may come and go as you please. However, you are only allowed to work on the project while you're on DataFest grounds. Also, everyone is expected to attend the opening ceremony on Friday and the awards ceremony on Sunday.

Do I have to use a specific software?

No, you can use any software in which you have access.

May I access software on a remote server?

Yes, you are free to do so but at your own peril. You will be given Wi-Fi and Internet access but we cannot guarantee ideal Internet connectivity for constant streaming of software. We recommend that you primarily use software which has been installed on your personal laptop.

Interested in participating?

Registration for DataFest will open mid to late February.

What do the presentations entail?

On Sunday afternoon, teams will present their findings. Each presentation will be 5 minutes or less, using either two slides or one interactive/animated slide.

Do other schools host DataFest?

Yes! Check out these previous DataFest events from around the country:

  • Duke University (Host), NCSU, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Greensboro, North Carolina A&T State, University of Michigan
  • Purdue University
  • Five Colleges at the University of Massachusetts (host) with Smith College, Hampshire College, Amherst College and Mt. Holyoke College
  • Penn State University
  • Emory University
  • UCLA (Host) with the University of California, Riverside; University of Southern California; Pomona College; and Cal Poly Pomona