Kroger Technology Joins CADS

Welcome Kroger Technology (logo: Customer, Quality, Innovation)

November 1, 2018

Butter, milk, eggs… and data! Be sure to amend your shopping list because Kroger Technology is joining CADS as its ninth partner.

Kroger Technology specializes in technological and software-related services that help consumers with their shopping experience. As part of a company that stretches across the country, this Cincinnati-based division has large influence in both the southwest Ohio region as well as the 35 states in which Kroger operates its outlets.

Kroger Technology will have the ability to work with undergraduate Miami students on analytics projects, connect with students interested in data science and help influence the future of CADS with a seat on its advisory board. It will be able to take advantage of opportunities like professional fairs and networking meetings, along with DataFest and other events.

CADS is honored and excited to work with Kroger Tech. Find out more about CADS’ partners.

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