Tenant Responsibilities

This information does not constitute legal advice.

According to Chapter 5321, Ohio Revised Code (Landlords and Tenants), as the tenant of a rental property, you have the responsibility to do the following:

  • Keep the premises that you occupy safe and sanitary.
  • Dispose of rubbish in the proper manner.
  • Keep the plumbing fixtures as clean as their condition permits.
  • Use electrical and plumbing fixtures properly.
  • Comply with local housing, health, and safety codes.
  • Refrain from activity that causes damage to the premises and keep guests from doing the same.
  • Maintain appliances supplied by the landlord in good working order.
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that does not disturb any neighbors, and require guests and family members to do the same.
  • Comply with state or municipal drug laws in connection with the premises and require household members and guests to do likewise.
  • Permit the landlord to enter the dwelling unit if the request is reasonable and proper notice is given.