Special Event Partnerships

Youngs Jersey Dairy give samples at the Ice Cream Extravaganza.
Stack of baseballs at Seventh Inning Stretch special dinner.
Kickstart table giving free samples at a special dinner.
Miami Idol, powered by Pepsi, cupcakes.
Cincinnati Reds raffle at Seventh Inning Stretch special dinner.
Dessert table at the Zombie special dinner.
Mardi Gras special dinner at Garden Commons
Activity stations at our three day Thanksgiving celebration.

Last year, over 8,700 students attended special events and dinners at Miami University. Local business partners were able to gain access to the student population through samples, giveaways, coupons, and prizes. Our most successful event, Ice Cream Extravaganza, saw an 101% increase in attendance over the average dinner. This event featured local favorites like Madisono's gelato and Young's Jersey Dairy.

For the 2016–2017 school year we have expanded to more than a dozen themed events, each offering unique partnership opportunities. In exchange for the efforts and creativity of our local business partners, we provide a high-reach marketing campaign surrounding each event. This marketing includes digital ads on over 70 screens across campus, social media blasts, and multiple printed pieces. Expose your business to the largest concentration of the millennial audience in our area by partnering with Miami University Dining.

Why should your business partner with Miami Dining?

Brand Exposure

Logo/brand name included in the following:

  • Email blasts to all on-campus students
  • Posters displayed in 20+ campus locations
  • Social media posts linking any vendor accounts from Miami Dining (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog)
  • Digital screen ads in all Dining and Residence locations for two weeks leading up to the event

Brand Interaction

  • Projected student attendance: 600-800
  • Please provide enough product for at least 200 servings
  • Vendors may pass out information about their company/brand/product
  • Vendors may collect information from the students on a voluntary basis

Vendor Information

  • Any vendor distributing food should have their own license from Butler County
  • Parking (for mobile trucks and general vendors) will be arranged before the event
  • Nutrition information must be readily available
  • Product containing allergens (nuts, etc.) must be identified as such

Interested in becoming a partner?

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