Summer Guest Amenities

Guest Amenities provided to Miami Guests during their stay on campus.    

summer guest housing

Through the link below you will be able to purchase laundry and vending moneyRec Center passes and pay for replacement of Lost ID key cards.


Make a Purchase

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Have you lost your key card?

Campers/ Conference Guests who lose their ID card should immediately report a lost card to the Conference Services Staff at 513-330-1717. A replacement card can be purchased online.  Click on the link above to learn more about replacing your summer ID card. 

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Laundry / Vending

Miami University is a Cash Free Campus. You can purchase money to be used in the Miami Residence Hall laundry room and campus vending machines.

Laundry is $1.75 per wash load, $1.75 per dry load.

Vending machine prices vary based on the items selected.

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Rec Center Passes

Summer Rec Center memberships are only available to Summer Conference Guests.  Membership purchase should reflect your program's length of stay on campus.  

Rec Center Memberships are available for purchase.  

Weekly (7 days or less) $20 per person

8 Days Plus (8 days or more)  $30 per person.