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Your Personal Wellness App!

Caravan Wellness

Caravan Wellness

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  • Hello all!

    We are so excited to announce our partnership with Caravan Wellness.

    Caravan is a leading wellness app with hundreds of video classes designed to help you improve mental health, harness your energy, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

    Enjoy your free access to Caravan (no CC info needed), PLUS an exclusive Miami University program designed to provide you with a holistic approach to wellness!

    Start accessing the exclusive program designed to help you reduce day-to-day stress and improve mental and physical health. With a mix of meditation, yoga, fitness and stretching, this program encompasses all the elements of health and overall well-being.

    All you need to do is click   Here  to sign up!
    Download the Caravan app on the   App Store  or   Google Play