Ambassadors U-Z

Avery Walke

photo of Avery WalkeHometown: Jackson, OH
Class: Senior
Major: Political Science (with minors in Sociology of Law; Spanish)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: efficacy of a specific treatment for chemoresistant pancreatic cancer
    • studied abroad in Spain (2017)
    • 2016 Presidential Gold Award for Community Service

Faith Walker

photo of Faith WalkerHometown: Yellow Springs, OH
Class: Junior
Majors: Anthropology; Art and Architecture History (with minors in Archaeology; Museums & Society)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: excavated a 200-year-old village and talked to community members about how it interested them (USS)
    • studied abroad doing excavations in Ireland (Summer 2018; 2019)
    • event photographer for Department of Anthropology

Ethan Wallach

photo of Ethan WallachHometown: Potomac, MD
Class: Junior
Major: Political Science
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • politics and political science
    • automobiles and automotive industry
    • battery technology

Abigail Wilgor

photo of Abigail WilgorHometown: Wellington, OH
Class: Senior
Major: Microbiology (with Premedical Studies co-major)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: gene mutations in Acinetobacter baumannii (with Dr. Luis Actis)
    • Phi Sigma Sigma sorority (founding member)
    • Department of Microbiology Award

Dan Wozniak

photo of Dan WozniakHometown: Elk Grove Village, IL
Class: Junior
Majors: Public Administration; Journalism
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • The Miami Student
    • Miami Mock Trial
    • hiking and scuba diving

Samson Zacate

photo of Samson ZacateHometown: Alexandria, KY
Class: Junior
Major: Chemistry (with a minor in Spanish)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: electrochemical reduction of CO2 via gold nanoparticle catalysts, functionalized by tetradentate porphyrin ligands
    • Miami Climbing Club (Executive Member)
    • playing piano/guitar

Megan Zahursky

photo of Megan ZahurskyHometown: Painesville, OH
Class: Senior
Majors: Mathematics; Integrated Mathematics Education
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • Kappa Kappa Psi national co-ed music fraternity (President)
    • Miami University Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Publicity Secretary)
    • marching band