Dean's Student Advisory Council

The Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC) is a group of students who represent a variety of majors in the college's different cognate areas. They serve as a liaison between the student body and the college administration, providing the Dean with student perspectives of current university issues and concerns. Members meet with the Dean and the academic advising office staff on a monthly basis. DSAC members are selected from students who have been nominated by faculty and staff.

Everett Dalesio (Chair)

photo of Everett Dalesio(Senior Zoology; Public Health majors)

"I want to improve the experience for future students by improving the culture at Miami. I want to bring people together through their love for Miami, and I go through this by expressing my own passions such as music and marching band. I want to improve the pride that people have for Miami."

Bunsi Chapadia

photo of Bunsi Chapadia(Sophomore Public Health major with a Premedical Studies co-major)

"During my time at Miami, I hope to have an impact on my fellow peers. I want help integrate diversity and inclusion into all facets of campus life including the classroom, student organizations and residence halls. As Co-Captain of MU Nishaana, I hope to spread awareness about my culture and invite other students on campus to learn about and partake in different cultures."

Petrina Duffour

photo of Petrina Duffour(Sophomore Biology major with a Premedical Studies co-major)

"I hope to make an undeniably positive impact on Miami in all ways. Whether it be academically or socially, I hope to serve others in the best way I possibly can. I hope to be someone who others feel comfortable to discuss issues with, to be someone who can advocate or be a voice to silent/neglected concerns. Though most of all I hope to be a listening ear, who is willing to open themselves to opposing ideas or perspectives; this willingness to listen is a positive impact that I hope to make on Miami in which collaboration and support is supreme while exercising the Miami way of Love and Honor."

Emily Faul

photo of Emily Faul(Junior Biochemistry major)

"The kind of impact that I hope to make on Miami is an empowering one. Just as many college students have I have struggled in college so have I. Miami has a challenging course curriculum and I appreciate that. I used to question if my performance in my classes was a direct reflection of what I should or shouldn't do career wise, and I realized that If I enjoy learning and am passionate about something then that is more important then grades. I would like to encourage people to stick with their passions, and remind people that being challenged is a good thing, that is when we grow."

Chase Harris

photo of Chase Harris(Junior Biology; Public Health majors with a Premedical Studies co-major)

"I hope to make Miami a place where all students, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, ability status, feel supported, feel like they belong here at Miami. As a Black student in STEM, there have been times where I hadn't felt supported by faculty and other students. Being the only person of color in my classes, I felt alone. It took some time for me to find the support I needed. I want to do what I can to assist students so they won't have to face the challenges I did by supporting them in any way I can. Miami is an illustrious institution with so many opportunities you won't get at many other universities. I hope to ensure students will reap its benefits and have a positive experience during their time here."

Emily Hickman

photo of Emily Hickman(Junior English:Professional Writing; Journalism majors)

"I hope to make Miami a place that all people feel comfortable coming to. As the only person from my high school to go here, I was incredibly nervous to attend and worried that I would have no friends. What I found was a great group of people I could always count on, and I want to ensure everyone who comes here has that same exprience. I know Miami has a lot of international students attend, and as someone who knows what it's like to go somehwere far from home, I want to do my part to make Miami feel like home for everyone while they're here."

Abigail Kussow

photo of Abigail Kussow(Junior Anthropology; History majors)

"During my time at Miami, I hope to encourage students to pursue their interests — even if those interests are just being discovered, and even if they do not perfectly align with their majors. Miami offers a wide range of unconventional and extraordinary courses that are just waiting for curious students to apply."

Emma Leonard

photo of Emma Leonard(Junior Political Science; French; International Studies majors)

"I hope to leave a mark on Miami — making it a better place for everyone who wants to attend or is attending school. I hope to make campus a place that is more safe, inclusive, and truly an institution and legacy that people are proud to have been a part of."

Ginny Lindsay

photo of Ginny Lindsay(Sophomore Psychology Major)

"In my short time at Miami, I want to make a positive difference for the student body. During my time in DSAC, I intend to successfully lower the barrier between students and faculty as well as to foster an environment that allows students from all parts of the University to collaborate. As an out-of-state student, I want to make Miami feel like home for all students who live far away from campus."

Victoria Lopez Rangel

photo of Victoria Lopez Rangel(Sophomore Speech Pathology & Audiology major)

"I hope I can achieve not only my goals, but also anything that may came my way. With whatever of strength and dedication it takes, I want to be able to be an example for future students and not only make my family proud, but also my Miami family."