Faculty Spotlight

College faculty briefly talk about their backgrounds, as well as their teaching and research.

Jeffery Hunger

photo of Jeffery Hunger(Department of Psychology)

"What I love about teaching at Miami in particular is that the classes (like my capstone) are small, so I get to know each and every one of my students very well. I like that because it allows me to see them succeed once they leave my class."

Read what Dr. Hunger had to say about his research on the mental and physical consequences of stigma.

Allison Farrell

photo of Allison Farrell(Department of Psychology)

"At different levels, I have different aims for my students. In introductory classes, I want my students to be consumers of psychology and understand what is currently known. As they become psychology majors, I push them to be critics of psychology to consider how we gain this knowledge, and what conclusions are accurate and reasonable to draw from the data."

Read what Dr. Farrell had to say about her research on links between close relationships, stress, and physical health.

Keith Tuma

photo of Keith Tuma(Department of English)

"I love teaching. The energy and intelligence of my students makes teaching classes at Miami fun and worthwhile…I try to create a student-centered classroom even as I include short lectures on occasion. I try to understand what my students already know about the subject, which is always quite a bit, more than they think they know sometimes, and what more they might need to know to succeed as writers and scholars."

Read what Dr. Tuma had to say about his current project - "Studies in the Unnatural World."

Andrea Righi

photo of Andrea Righi(Department of French and Italian)

"I like doing the sort of interdisciplinary work that I think is needed for creating a student body that is aware of what is happening in the world and maintains their critical thinking. My goal is to have my students be able to have their own judgements and interact with the world in different ways."

Read what Dr. Righi had to say about his research on psychological effects of the digital culture.

Sam Gault

photo of Sam Gault(Department of Philosophy)

"It's always really interesting to have one-on-one conversations with students, having a dialogue and seeing why people believe what they do, and for that same reason I love papers. I'm genuinely fascinated in what my students believe and how they have come to them. My main focus in all of my classes is helping students express themselves more clearly to defend their positions better."

Read what Dr. Gault had to say about how philosophy came to be a passion.

Anita Mannur

photo of Anita Mannur(Department of English)

"I really love to introduce students to texts, authors, and perspectives that they haven't previously read. On a basic level, they may not have previously known this sort of content but may share some identity with them. It's gratifying to see that moment in a classroom when a student gets excited that they've accessed a new area of interest or a new passion!"

Read what Dr. Mannur had to say about her food-related research.

Aleksy Tarasenko-Struc

photo of Aleksy Tarasenko-Struc(Department of Philosophy)

"I want my students to walk away from my class with intellectual humility. No one has all the right answers, particularly to the difficult, complex question that philosophers address. And when you are humble as a thinker, one advantage that you have over somebody who is not is that you are usually in a position to understand their arguments better than they'll understand yours."

Read what Dr. Tarasenko-Struc had to say about his research related to moral philosophy and ideas of dehumanization.