Skills in the Liberal Arts: Video Transcript

Aristotle Kayafas [Biology major]: I became a biology major because I was really interested in the processes of life. I see really life as kind of nature's greatest mystery.

Connor Dolson [Biology major]: My major has taught me a lot about myself and how I think critically and how I solve problems.

Caitlyn Jones [Psychology and English:Professional Writing double major]: One of the skills that I think is really important to have as a psychologist at Miami is to be very detail-oriented.

[Psychology and Philosophy double major]: I think to be a psych major it involves just a natural passion for human behavior, and just understanding people requires a lot of patience and introspection.

Danielle Lott [Psychology major]: I learned a lot of data analysis skills and collecting data, and I work with maybe over a thousand participants on campus.

Ifey Okafor [Biochemistry major]: Biochemistry has taught me a lot of patience, but biochemistry has also taught me how to find my interests and my joys within each and every topic.

Gage Huey [Anthropology major]: My anthropology major has taught me critical thinking.

Faith Walker [Anthropology major]: It's taught me a lot of respect, and it's taught me to approach the world with more of an open mind.

Molly O'Donnell [Public Administration and Urban and Regional Planning double major]: The liberal arts classes at Miami have taught me a lot of skills in communication and presentation and working with different types of people in conflict management.

Maegan Murphy [Microbiology and Biochemistry double major]: I've definitely learned to be diligent and how to improve my study skills.

Aristotle Kayafas: You realize all of the minutiae and detail that go into everyday just to keep you alive and to keep your cells going, your body alive.

Natalie Pettit [Anthropology and Comparative Religion double major]: Just to take a step back from what I'm learning about and realize that every culture and every person is important to a whole picture of the world that we live in.

Brianna Smith [Psychology and Social Work double major]: The world is a lot bigger than just college or Miami or what I've come from.

Gage Huey: I might not understand certain things because of my culture, and they might not understand certain things, but we can come to an understanding together.

[November 2019]