New Students

Miami University offers numerous programs and resources for helping new students adjust to life at Miami. Whether you are a new first-year student, transfer student, or an international student, one of the early programs you will attend is orientation.  As part of this required program, new students will meet with academic advisors for advising and course registration.  These Orientation and Transition Programs target the unique needs of each group of students.  

First Year Students

If this is your first semester in college, excluding any college courses you may have taken in high school, we consider you a first-year student. You will work with academic advisors to select courses that meet basic graduation requirements.

Learn more about first-year student advising.

Transfer Students

If you have previously attended a college or university as a degree-seeking student, we consider you a transfer student. You will work with academic advisors to review your transfer credits and to plan for meeting your remaining degree requirements.

Learn more about transfer student advising.

International Students

Whether this is your first time in college or you are transferring credit from another college or university, our orientation and advising sessions can answer many of your questions.

Learn more about international student advising.