Transferring Credit

Ohio Transfer Module

Ohio has a statewide policy to facilitate the transfer of credits within its public higher education system. This policy creates a transfer module, which is a specific set of general education requirements (transfer module). If you successfully complete the module at one Ohio school, you will have fulfilled the module at the school to which you transfer within the system. You will, however, need to complete any additional general education requirements that were not included in the transfer module.

Learn more about Ohio's Transfer and Articulation Policy (Miami General Bulletin).

Advanced Placement Credit

Advanced placement credit does not transfer from one university to another. Each time you transfer, your credit must be sent from AP Services. You may request a transcript by calling (609) 771-7300 or (888) 225-5427 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada).

View AP's Score Reporting Services web page.

"T" Number Courses

Transfer Credit Evaluations (Office of the Registrar) evaluates all of your transfer credits. After this evaluation, some courses appearing on your DARS (degree audit reporting system) will have Miami course numbers. Other courses may appear as "T" numbers (e.g., ENG T01). The "T" means that there is no apparent equivalent course at Miami.

You may ask the appropriate academic department to re-evaluate a T-numbered course by providing the course syllabus and other academic material used in the course. Please make an appointment with an Arts and Science advisor to begin the re-evaluation process.

Please note: Because a course is assigned a "T" number, it does not mean that they cannot be applied to requirement categories.

English Composition Requirement

Your former school might not have direct equivalents to Miami's required English composition courses or you might have tested out of the composition requirement at your former school. In such cases, further assessment might be necessary.

Learn more from the First-Year Composition website.

Placement Tests

Foreign Language

The College of Arts and Science requires proficiency at the 202-level in a foreign language. Miami offers placement tests in French, German, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Our placement test does not waive the foreign language requirement, nor does it award academic credit; it provides information that helps you to register for the appropriate level of a foreign language.

Take a foreign language placement test online (login required).