Transfer Student Advising

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Upon confirming that you plan to attend Miami University, you should make sure that our Admission Office has received your final transcripts from all of the colleges and universities where you have earned credit; you’ll also need to have any test scores (e.g., AP, IB) sent to Miami.  Once your transcript arrives, it is evaluated by our Transfer Credit Evaluation team in the Registrar’s Office.  If the course is determined to have an equivalent course at Miami, it is assigned a Miami course number and added to your transcript.  Equivalent courses apply to requirements just as if you had taken them at Miami.  If an equivalent course cannot be determined, it will be assigned what we call a “T number,” which is a course number indicating a transfer course (e.g., T07).  These hours, if transferable, still apply to the overall hours for graduation but they may require additional review to have the courses applied to specific requirements. An academic advisor will review your T number courses with you during your initial academic advising appointment and will guide you through the process of further evaluation as needed.

Academic Advising

Your first academic advising meeting will take place during the orientation program you attend prior to your start at Miami.  During this meeting, the advisor will introduce you to the degree requirements at Miami and address how your transfer credits apply to them, work with you to identify where T number courses need additional review, as well as assist you with your first-semester course registration. 

Whether you have a declared major in the College of Arts and Science or you are still exploring majors in our division, once the school year begins you will have an assigned academic advisor.  Depending on your class standing, that advisor may be affiliated with the CAS advising office or it may be a faculty advisor within your department of major.

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