Advice from Alumni Videos

Watch alumni talk about how their experiences at Miami helped them in their career paths. These videos often have useful advice for current Miami students.

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Take a Good Teacher

Watch Douglas Tirola talk about the importance of a liberal arts education.
[October 2015]

Take a Good Teacher Video Transcript

Try a Lot of Different Things

Watch US Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks using internships to complement what is learned in the classroom.
[October 2015]

Try a Lot of Different Things Video Transcript

Teamwork Is Very Important

Watch Jamie L. Cohen talk about the importance of being able to work with other people, other cultures, and diverse ideas.
[October 2015]

Teamwork is Very Important Video Transcript

Be Opportunistic

Watch Ryan Batt talk about the importance people and relationships.
[October 2015]

Be Opportunistic Video Transcript

Talk to Everybody

Watch Alex Intorcio discuss non-traditional career paths.
[September 2015]

Talk to Everybody Video Transcript

Studying the Past for the Future

Watch Dr. José R. Oliver talk the need to embrace information from other fields when working in a multidisciplinary profession.
[March 2015]

Studying the Past for the Future Video Transcript

Don't Worry

Watch Chris Hines describe a unique interview strategy.
[April 2015]

Don't Worry Video Transcript