Focus on Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students: Video Transcript

Ann Hagerman, PhD [Professor of Biochemistry]: So, I think Miami is an unusual university in that we focus on both undergraduate education and also on graduate education and research. So, the department has doctoral programs, master's programs and bachelor's degree programs, and it really gives students a unique opportunity to work in all of these programs: to have undergraduates, like Melanie [Krook; see video on CAS website], interact with graduate students and postdoctoral research associates and really gives them a good flavor for all of the different levels of education.

I think at larger universities sometimes undergraduates get lost in the shuffle. The focus is totally on graduate and postdoctoral education. And I think, at small colleges, lots of times undergraduates don't really see what's the potential for higher education — education beyond the bachelor's degree.

So I think that's a very, very special aspect of Miami is the way that the various levels of education are all important, and we do a really great job at all those levels.

[October 2010]