How Tom Found His Major: Video Transcript

Tom Pyden [senior Geology major]: I come from New Jersey and I came to Miami not knowing a single person. And I thought that when I'd come in here…I chose pre-med as my major because I thought I wanted to be a doctor. My mom wanted me to be a doctor. My sister is in med school right now, so…it just wasn't for me, and I was just not prepared for it.

So I spent a lot of my time, first two years of college, switching from major to major. I switched around to about four different majors (four or five different majors). And finally I just said, you know, I'm going to go undecided, which I should have done right when I came in. And I thought I needed to have a major when I came into school. I thought I needed to pick one out. I didn't realize that I had other options beforehand.

So I decided to go to the [Exploring] Majors Fair that they offered at Shriver. And I went in there. And I talked to a friend beforehand, and they said, "Well, you like the outdoors. You like rocks. Why don't you try geology?" So I went into the Majors Fair. I went straight to the geology table. And I sat down with one of the professors here, and he spoke about all of the research that he's done: the summer research that he does out West and how there are so many opportunities to just go around the world and to see a lot of different stuff. There are trips to the Caribbean to do research on the beaches down there and coral. He really sold it to me. Just knowing that I had the opportunity to do all these different things with something in the sciences, which I already liked.

[December 2009]