Foreign Language FAQ

Do I have to take the foreign language placement test?

If you are starting a foreign language for the first time, you do not need to take the foreign language placement test. The exception to this is for French and Spanish, where all students planning on studying these languages must have a placement score on record.

If you have taken a foreign language in high school and plan on continuing that language, you will need to take the placement test. The placement test gives you a score that helps you register for the appropriate level of a foreign language; the placement test does not waive the foreign language requirement, nor does it award academic credit.

The foreign language placement test can be taken at any point online.

Can I "get out of" taking foreign language?

Students must earn credit in a foreign language at or beyond the 202-level. A foreign language substitution is only approved for students who have documented language-based learning disabilities. If you have a question about the foreign language requirement please talk with a divisional advisor.