Faculty and Staff

A corn snake climbs a dead tree limb.

We bring together core faculty from several Miami University departments (including Biology, Psychology, and Anthropology) to encourage interest in animal behavior, as well as to promote research and education in behavioral ecology and evolution, neuroscience, and animal learning.

Core Staff

Nancy Solomon, PhD

Dr. Nancy Solomon is Director of the Center for Animal Behavior and Professor of Biology. Her primary research interest is behavioral ecology of small mammals.

Kathleen Killian, PhD

Dr. Kathleen Killian is Associate Director of the Center for Animal Behavior and Associate Professor of Biology. Her primary research interest is neural basis of behavior.

Faculty Members
Faculty Department/Program Email Research Interests
Berry, Stephen D. Psychology berrysd@MiamiOH.edu neurobiology of learning and memory
Cady, Alan B. Biology cadyab@MiamiOH.edu behavioral ecology of arachnids
Callahan, Phyllis A. Biology callahp@MiamiOH.edu neuroendocrinology of mammals
Crist, Thomas O. Biology cristto@MiamiOH.edu ecological influences on animal movement
Harding, Paul A. Biology hardinpa@MiamiOH.edu molecular biology of behavior
Hall, Carrie Psychology hallce2@MiamiOH.edu social cognition, motivation, and emotion
Hugenberg, Kurt Psychology hugenbk@MiamiOH.edu mechanisms of social perception
Isaacson, Lori G. Biology isaacslg@MiamiOH.edu neurobiology of aging
Janik, James M. Biology janikjm@MiamiOH.edu neuroendocrinology of mammals
Keane, Brian Biology keaneb@MiamiOH.edu behavioral ecology of small mammals
Marchant, Linda F. Anthropology marchalf@MiamiOH.edu behavioral primatology
McMurray, Matthew Psychology matthew.mcmurray@MiamiOH.edu biopsychology and neuropsychopharmacology
Quinn, Jennifer J. Psychology quinnjj@MiamiOH.edu neural mechanisms of behavior,
especially learning and memory
Rypstra, Ann L. Biology rypstral@MiamiOH.edu behavior, ecology and diversity
of arthropod predators
Simson, Peter E. Psychology simsonpe@MiamiOH.edu neuropharmacology and
neural modulation of memory
Steinly, Bruce A. Biology steinlba@MiamiOH.edu ecology and behavior in insects
Suarez, Scott A. Anthropology suarezsa@MiamiOH.edu behavioral and cognitive ecology of monkeys