Tools and Protocols

Sample Preparation

Pipette and samples

Preparation of high-quality DNA and protein samples from biological material is a critical first step of most biotechnology applications. The CBFG maintains a variety of instruments to aid in sample preparation.

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DNA Sequence Analysis

The core activity of the CBFG is DNA sequence analysis. It is the order of nucleotide bases (adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine) in a molecule of DNA that defines every living organism. We are well equipped to support any sequencing projects, large or small.

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DNA Fragment Analysis

In order to sequence long DNA pieces, such as a whole chromosome (a cell structure consisting of DNA and protein), it is necessary to work with much shorter DNA fragments. The DNA sequencing instrumentation in the CBFG is also used for various types of DNA fragment analysis.

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DNA Microarray

DNA microarray technology has many practical applications in molecular biology. For example, DNA microarray can be used for quantifying gene expression, that is how active a particular gene is under different biological conditions. The CBFG maintains a state-of-the-art microarray scanner.

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Real-Time PCR

Real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is perhaps the most important tool for analysis of gene expression. PCR enables us to generate many copies of a single DNA piece. The CBFG maintains several different instrument platforms for real-time PCR and provides training for real-time PCR experimental design.

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A new and growing area of support in the center is proteomics. Like genomics, which is the study of large sets of genes, proteomics is the study of large sets of proteins and how these proteins change under different biological conditions. The CBFG provides training and equipment for 2-D gel-based proteomics, including state-of-the-art 2-D image analysis and mass spectrometry for identification of proteins.

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Bioinformatics is the science of managing DNA and protein sequence data. The CBFG provides a very wide range of software and computer resources for bioinformatics.

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