Bioinformatics is an area that encompasses a wide range of computer resources for the management of DNA and protein sequence information as well as information about biological function. Bioinformatics is at the nexus of "big data" and biology.

The CBFG has a dedicated computer room facility that houses four workstations with

  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Windows10

on which are pre-installed proprietary bioinformatics programs and utilities, including:

In addition to paid software, the CBFG can install & compile, of advise regarding installation of any open-source software that maybe needed for analysis of data. In collaboration with Miami University's RedHawk High Performance Computing Group, we have access to this on-site cluster that contains many bioinformatics analysis programs pre-installed and configured for parallel processing. As part of the Ohio University System, Miami University is permitted to use of the resources of the State funded Ohio Supercomputer Center.

Training and coordination for all of these resources are available in the CBFG. These bioinformatics tools can also be made available for use by appropriate courses depending on the size of the class.