Ohio Children's Trust Fund: Local Evaluation of Greene County

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The Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs will be evaluating Greene County's work on the Ohio Children's Trust Fund grant to prevent child abuse and neglect. Greene County's Educational Service Center will be using the evidence-based practice Triple P - Positive Parenting Program.

Triple P is a parent- and family-focused support system designed to prevent and treat behavioral health problems in children. Triple P provides a suite of interventions of increasing intensity and support for families. Triple-P services range from tip sheets and video clips, to brief targeted interventions, to more intensive parent training programs targeting broader, family issues such as deployment, relationship conflict, parental depression and toxic stressors.

Providing Triple P will extend the support for the parent, family and child to the programs, providers, and caregivers in early learning environments to further broaden the safety net for vulnerable children and families. Evaluation will be conducted using the Protective Factors Survey.