Teen Depression and Anxiety (Dr. Vaishali Raval)

photo of Dr. Vaishali RavalDepression is among the leading causes of disability with worldwide prevalence rates averaging around 3% of the world's population. In India, depression has been reported to be as high 15% to 19% among college students. Depression in youth is particularly critical in India, because a majority of deaths by suicide are among Indians under the age of 30 (Aggarwal, 2015; Vijaykumar, 2007), and suicide rates are particularly high in South India (Vijaykumar, 2007). During communications with Dr. Ashok Mysore of St. John's Medical School in Bangalore, India it was clear that currently used screening measures for anxiety and depression among children and adolescents in India lack sensitivity.

GHRIC funds will be used in a collaborative pilot study between Miami University Global Health faculty and faculty in the divisions of community health and psychiatry at St. John's Medical College in Bangalore, India to develop a culturally sensitive screening measure for depression and anxiety in India. This pilot work will culminate in a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with St. John's Medical College and a proposal to seek external funding to validate the culturally sensitive measure.


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