Journalism Under Fire

Page from a Russian newspaper.

Welcome to the Web site for Miami University’s April 2-3, 2007, conference, “Russian Journalism Under Fire.” Since the election of Vladimir Putin as president of the Russian Federation, journalists have faced increasing difficulty in performing their jobs. Many media outlets are finding themselves back under governmental control and journalists who try to stay independent sometimes find their very lives threatened. From this site you can access biographies of our conference guests, read a history of Russian journalism, learn about journalists killed for their work and view the blog we are maintaining on current events in Russia.

This conference was made possible with generous funding from the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, The Provost’s Office and The Dean’s Office of the College of Arts & Science. The Journalism Program and MU chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists also provided support.

Special thanks go to the planning committee for Russian Journalism Under Fire: Karen Dawisha, director of the Havighurst Center; Ed Arnone, Cheryl Gibbs and Cheryl Heckler, all members of the Journalism Program faculty; and students Samantha Berk (journalism), Nick D’Amico (history and political science), Emile Dawisha (journalism), and Janet Mokhnatkin (political science). Additional thanks to Nick, for generating content for this Web site. Thank you to Lynn Stevens for constructing the website.

Patricia Gallagher Newberry
Conference Committee Chair
Lecturer, Journalism Program

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