News and Events

A presentation of tea on Silk Road
A lecture hall filled with students
Belly dancers at Silk Road presentation
A choral group singing in front of Alumni Hall

Since its inaugural year, the Havighurst Center has supported intellectual and cultural activities at Miami University. The Center hosts an annual International Young Researchers’ conference, with papers from advanced graduate students and recent doctorate recipients from the U.S. and abroad. It also holds a weekly Havighurst Colloquia Series, a course-related lecture series in which invited speakers present formal papers on themes chosen for that year.

In addition to organizing its own lectures and conferences, the Havighurst Center also awards grants bi-annually to Miami University faculty and departments who wish to offer Center-related programs or activities to the Miami community.

The Havighurst Center publishes an annual newsletter, which lists the events planned for that Fall and Spring semesters, as well as provides updates about the activities of Miami's faculty, staff and students who are involved in REEES-related activities.