Faculty and Staff

bird cracking ice while upside down hanging from a branch

The Hefner Museum of Natural History contains specimens that were collected by Miami faculty, alumni, and others dating back to the early years of the university.  The 53,000 specimens in our collection represent a slice of the Earth's fascinating natural history.  We are happy to serve as a resource for faculty and staff across many disciplines, from the sciences, to the arts and humanities, to education.  Inquiry activities offered at the museum encourage intellectual engagement and critical thinking, and foster a deeper understanding of subject matter through hands-on discovery. 

Staff members are available Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, to help Miami faculty and staff incorporate specimens and exhibits into their classrooms or research programs.  Faculty and staff are encourage to contact the Hefner to:

  • arrange a class visit
  • review and select specimens for classroom or lab use
  • check out museum Discovery Trunks or other resources

For more information, please contact:

Steven M. Sullivan (sulliv55@miamioh.edu)

Donald G. Koller (kollerdg@miamioh.edu)

Julia E. Robinson (robins48@miamioh.edu)