Freshwater Molluscs

Ever heard of a rain forest for molluscs?  Rich with an astounding variety of freshwater clams, the rivers and streams of the eastern United States have been compared to South America’s Amazon, with its incredible bird and insect life.  In fact, below the waters of the eastern U.S., lives the world’s greatest diversity of freshwater clams, or mussels.  The United States boasts nearly 300 species; Europe—the entire continent—has just 12!  Visit the Mollusc Gallery to see the sheepnose mussel, yellow sandshell, elephant ear, and other animals whose fascinating life stories are just as colorful as the names they bear! You’ll learn about the ploys mussels use to trick fish; you’ll find out how one female can brood 10,000 young; and you’ll discover the critical role that mussels play in keeping rivers and streams clean and healthy.

you tube video of freshwater mussel lure