Marine Molluscs

“Seafood” takes on a special meaning when you know that there are over 50,000 species of marine molluscs living in the world’s seas and oceans.  Some of these—scallops, oysters, squid (calamari), crabs, and clams—are edible.  Others, in all shapes and sizes, harbor a deadly venom that might be extracted and used in medical applications.  Many, like the elegant nautilus, have shells, but the squid and octopus, the most intelligent of these creatures, have no shells and can easily glide in and out of amazingly small nooks and crannies. Giant clams can grow to over four feet.  Myth has it that they can drag swimmers deep into the ocean depths.  Impossible—but the lore makes for good fiction. 

Come see our giant clamshell!

you tube video of marine mollusc