Services for Students

Windows Computer Lab of the ILRC Windows Computer Lab of the ILRC
Windows Computer Lab in the ILRC Windows Computer Lab in the ILRC
 The ILRC Lounge Area  The ILRC Lounge Area
 Students at work in the ILRC  Students at work in the ILRC
 Irvin Hall in the Fall  Irvin Hall in the Fall
Student in the Windows Lab Student in the Windows Lab
Student working on Japanese Project Student working on Japanese Project

Lounge Area: Need a break between classes or need a comfy sofa to stretch out on? The language center can help! Just look in the back of Irvin 60 and there are several seating arrangements and sofas to take a break, lounge, do homework, etc.

Computer Usage: The computer labs in the ILRC is usually reserved for language students with class assignments. However, when classes are not in session, students may use the lab to work on term papers, create spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations, check E-mail, surf the web, create customized DVDs and create CDs, etc.  You may use these computers at any time during the open hours of the ILRC. Be sure to check in at the front counter so the assistant can keep an accurate log of equipment usage.

Web-Conferencing: Macintosh computers in the ILRC are equipped with web cameras for internet videoconferencing. If you would like to schedule a conference with a fellow student or colleague anywhere in the world, you may reserve these computers at specific days and times for your video conference.

Access to the ILRC Online: The ILRC is completely digital and uses the ILRC Online server to distribute instructor developed course materials. All materials are available either in the ILRC or through any computer at the university that has a high-speed connection and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DVD Viewing: Computers are capable of playing DVDs. You may come at any time during open hours to view your assigned DVD Remember to schedule enough time to watch the DVD completely.

Video Digitization: The ILRC will digitize VHS video tapes, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs that accompany your course materials. Please allow us at least three working days to process your request. When requesting a video tape duplication, be sure to complete a faculty request form which is available at the front desk.

Audio and Video Editing: If you need to make an audio or video recording for a class, the ILRC has editing equipment and software that you may use to edit or compile several videos into a professional looking finished piece.

General Homework Completion: Do you have an hour between classes and nowhere to go? You are more than welcome to stop by the ILRC, pull up a table or a sofa and catch up on some of your homework.